Monday, November 1, 2010

Common Errors that could bring down a site?

1. If you have a couple of traces on Websphere or Commerce in production environment that is good enough to bring down the eCommerce site.
2. TrashCan user disabled. This could really spike up the CPU utilization and could also cause DB locks.
3. Dynacache servlet caching disabled, the CPU on the application and DB server would spike up that could potentially bring down the server.
4. Cart with number of items greater than 50 added to an individual cart with active promotions against those items and if the quantity is increased to a big number.
5. Not correctly setting this parameter could bring down the server.
Application servers -> web container transport chains ->WCInboundDefault->TCP Inbound Channel (TCP_2) -> Maximum open connections. (Specifies the maximum number of connections that are available for a server to use.)

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