Sunday, May 1, 2011

Configuration | Must know for Development

Changing the DB configuration on development instance:

setdbtype oracle C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1 orcl10g system oracle devjan07 devjan07 localhost 1521

Where devjan07 is the name of the schema and the password.

When you run the command above a log is created in \logs\setdbtype.log and wc-server.xml is updated with the new database details.

Disabling Access control on development instance:


This property is not there by default in wc-server.xml in V6 and beyond. Add this property under <Instance xml element.

Accelerator XML configuration for instantly reflecting in Development environment: This is very useful when doing Acceleraor development.

    If you want the changes made in XML file to automatically be reflected in development environment

<ToolsGeneralConfig DTDPath="tools/common;tools/devtools;tools/bi;tools/catalog;schema/xml;sar" XMLCacheSize="1000" XMLPath="tools;tools/devtools;WEB-INF/xml/tools;WEB-INF" developmentMode="true"

    Make this change in wc-server.xml


  1. This is Prakash and I really like this article.

  2. Hi Raj,I have a question about ACP Policies.How can we implement ACP for a task command?is it really necessary because task commands can be invoked only from controller commands.and if a controller command is protected by ACP,then the taskCmd is anyway protected

  3. You don't need ACP policies for task command, your understanding is correct, the controller command is protected by ACP and that should take care of it.

  4. Here is another url to refer WCS SQL and configurations -