Friday, July 29, 2011

Krypto | crazyness !!!

When ever a view or command is defined as HTTPS true in struts-config-ext.xml
commerce while redirecting converts all parameters in the URL querty string to a krypto value.
Krypto = encrypted(querystringParameters,merchantKey).
You can bypass params from this krypto by the configuration mentioned below in wc-server.xml



If there are parameters that are required to be not encrypted, commerce provides a configuration to define in wc-server.xml

<NonEncryptedParameters display="false">
<Parameter name="storeId"/>
<Parameter name="langId"/>
<Parameter name="catalogId"/>
<Parameter name="categoryId"/>
<Parameter name="productId"/>

Problems associated with krypto:
  • Caching nightmare with Krypto. If the params are encrypted, it would be very difficult to define caching parameters so make sure, to add them in the above block. As a best practise all catalog related params, add them to the blocks
  • krypto keeps getting longer and in the older versions of browser, it was a problem where developers had to remove the params and only keep the required one's in request\response.

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  1. It's about modifying the parameters. You can configure it depending on your preference.