Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Endeca overview ---High level Architecture

Endeca is a very widely used search engine for Web and E-commerce applications and it is very popular with lot of WCS clients. High level architecture components of include:

MDEX Engine:  The MDEX engine is the indexing and querying engine that provides the core functionality for all Endeca. MDEX Engine is stateless and hence requires the query to have all the parameters to be provided each time.

Endeca Workbench: The Endeca workbench is a web based tools that allows business users to configure and administer an Endeca application for Merchandising, content spotlighting, search configuration and usage reporting. The main functions are as follows
Rule Manager: Add\Edit\Activate\Deactivate rules and preview using the preview application.
KeyWord Redirects: Create and manage keyword redirects.
There are multiple functions such as Resources Lock Page, Instance Configuration Page, Dimension Order, Stop Words Page, Phrases Page, Thesaurus, Daily Reports,User Management  and EAC settings, EAC Admin Console.

Endeca Platform Services:  This consists of mainly Endeca Information Transformation Layer and Endeca application controller (EAC).
EAC consists of EAC central server and agents. EAC centeral server manages all agents.
Data Foundry: consists of forget program and related components.
Presentation and logging API's: API's to MDEX Engine and Log Server.
Logging and Reporting system.
Reference Implementation: Sample developer studio project source data for multiple platforms.
emgr_update: Utility to update instance configuration to Endeca workbench.
Endeca Control System: The Job control Daemon (JCD) and the control Interpreter.
     Forging \ETL Server: Process of gather data from various sources and building the indices is Forging.
     Pipelines: Data handling components that transforms Raw data to Indices and Deploy them

Endeca Presentation API: provides interfaces to log server and MDEX Server. The API is available in 2 flavors for Unix and Windows.

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