Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Classic case of redirect and passing objects !!

Redirect does not support passing objects back to view. I am sure, we have all tried to pass an object or ArrayList of objects to make a pretty URL in the browser or convert a POST request to a GET and so instead of doing a forward, we try to do redirect  from a command\controller to a view.

Controller command:

Unable to find a value for "methodName" in object of class "java.lang.String" using operator "."

HTTP redirection allows servers to redirect a client request to a different location. A POST request can be a converted to a GET request using redirection with a status code 302.A server specifies redirection by sending 3XX status code.
Redirect is done via  URL and hence can only support name/value pair. Forward works with Objects but redirects can not pass objects back to the view. When trying to access the object retrieved from WCParam, it throws the above exception.

Alternate Solutions: If you do need to pass an object on redirect.
1. Putting object in HTTPSession (Not recommended as it could use a ton of memory in application server depending on how many users hit the URL)
2. Serialize objects in a XML/JSON String, like what Accelerator does.
3. Commerce context services, customize a commerce service for storing session information and store in database.

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