Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bazaar Voice Integration | Reviews and Ratings

BazaarVoice provides a really good platform for product feedback and social media integration's. It is really easy for business users and programmers to integrate with back end systems.

Essentially BazaarVoice Integration has the following main components:

1. Display reviews to guest and registered customers.
2. Writing new reviews and as a platform providing business users access to their workbench tooling to approve reviews.
3. This is optional and provides SEO benefits as the JS based integration makes it harder for search engines to crawl the content and hence BazaarVoice provides SEO basic and SEO advanced integration's, this is a server side include of product files.
4. Sending outbound XML product feed to BazaarVoice nightly or weekly feed of categories and products, depending on your product cycle.
5. Feeding reviews and ratings file from BazaarVoice back to your Search engine (Endeca or SOLR).  This is to improve the search on the site by allowing keywords from reviews to be searchable.
Find below sample code for a simple integration piece to show reviews.

Resources: Great place with examples.


  1. The most interesting part was how it gives SEO benefits. It provides an overall feedback from the different social media platforms as well as the feedback from the direct market. BazaarVoice provides an upgraded version of statistical reviews on the status of the site.

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