Wednesday, October 9, 2013

CoreMetrics | basics !!

Coremetrics provides web analytics and the other big competitor in this space is Omniture. The analytics integration is provided using Javascript. In Websphere commerce there is a tighter integration in the form of tags that are provided out of the box and  coremetrics reports are provided in management center in newer versions of WCS and older versions still need to use coremetrics site to view reports.

  1. Create a coremetrics account.
  2. Update WC\xml\config\bi\biConfig.xml with correct configuration for coremetrics configuration. clientId is the contract ID is usually one for test environments and 1 for production and ssoKey is generated from Coremetrics support.
  3. Configuration in wc-server.xml 
    • <configuration
                    transmitEnabled="false" username=""/&gt
  4. Access Coremetrics reports
    • Open a Web browser to the following URL:
    • Log in using your Client ID, username, and password. 
    • Starting V7, Feature Pack 3. We can also view reports directly from Management Center using links in the Catalogs, Marketing and Promotions tool.
    There are several tags for CoreMetrics, one example is pageView and most commonly used is cm

    Include the tag library in the pages
    <%@ taglib uri=""  prefix="cm" %>

    PageView Tag: Most commonly used tag to track pages.

        <flow:ifEnabled feature="Analytics">
                <c:when test="${isCSR}">
                    <cm:pageview pagename="${storeCountryCode}:SEARCH PAGE" extraparms="YES" />
                    <cm:pageview pagename="${storeCountryCode}:
    SEARCH PAGE" extraparms="NO" />

    Conversion tag: For Ajax calls

    <cm:conversion eventId="${WCParam.eventId}" category="WISHLIST" actionType="2" points="10" returnAsJSON="true"/>

    campurl Tag: Mostly for static pages

                                  <cm:campurl espotData="${marketingSpotDatas}" id="clickInfoCommand" url="${clickInfoURLForAnalytics}" 

    References: More tags
    Web 2.0 integration:


    1. I think basic info about biconfig.xml needs to be added which is main configuration file for coremetrics.

    2. Thank you Vivek, updated biConfig.xml for coremetrics configuration.