Thursday, January 8, 2015

Finally Enabling multiple logon for the same user | Available from Fix pack 9

This was something that was not available for a long time but with the new fix pack. This is available. I might have an old blog where i had mentioned, it was not available in the previous versions.

Many WebSphere Commerce websites are using REST services to serve both mobile and desktop pages then it's important to allow multiple logon for the same user from different channels in a simple way. To activate this feature a specific tag should be added to the wc-server.xml in the SessionManagement section

<allowmultiplelogonforsameuser display="false" enabled="true"></allowmultiplelogonforsameuser>


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  2. Hi Raj,
    Just one question, we have a requirement where in we have developed a hybrid mobile app to the existing web store. The users logged from the mobile app should never get session timed out unless the same user logs in to the web store later. So is it possible with our current configuration of WCS V7 FEP4 ?