Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Enabling server side logs and levels | WCS

How to get to Admin console:
Right click on Server -->Administration -->Run Administrative Console

Left menu Troubleshooting->Logs and trace and click on server and get to (Logging and Tracing > server1 > Change log detail levels).

If you need the trace to be in effect immediately, do the same setting on the Runtime tab and if you need the settings saved post server start, you would put that in Configuration.

Important trace components: e.g:
*=info: com.ibm.websphere.commerce.WC_USER=all: com.ibm.websphere.commerce.WC_ORDER=all: com.ibm.websphere.commerce.WC_SERVER=all

Do not try to leave trace logs on in production since it will have a huge impact on performance and even on toolkit if you don't need , i would avoid since it slows down quite a bit.


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