Thursday, November 13, 2014

OverRide OOB outbound order XML to write to a table !!

If we need OverRide OOB outbound order XML process to write to a table, please find the below steps:

1. Create an EJB for a custom table XOrderTransfer table.
2. Override wc-component-client.xml as mentioned below
3. Override class as mentioned below.
4. In WC adminconsole, set up a broadcast job for the command "RaiseECEvent"

OverRide XML:

<_config:DevelopmentClientConfiguration xmlns:_config=""
xsi:schemaLocation=" ../xsd/wc-component-client.xsd">


<_config:action name="ProcessOrder" asynchronous="false">


public class CustomJCAInvocationBindingImpl extends JCAInvocationBindingImpl implements InvocationBinding {

public InvocationServiceObject invoke(Action action, InvocationServiceObject requestDataObject) throws InvocationServiceException {
final String methodName = "invoke";
LOGGER.entering(CLASSNAME, methodName);
String inputXML = new String(requestDataObject.getXML());
//get the orderId from the request data object
ProcessOrderType processOrderType = (ProcessOrderType) requestDataObject.getDataObject();
OrderType currentOrder = (OrderType)processOrderType.getDataArea().getOrder().get(0);
String orderId = currentOrder.getOrderIdentifier().getUniqueID();
Long orderIdLong = new Long(orderId);

//persist the order XML in the XORDERTransfer table.
XOrderTransferAccessBean orderTransferAB = new XOrderTransferAccessBean(orderIdLong, inputXML);

//invoke super class's implementation for actual message transfer
InvocationServiceObject invocationServiceObject = super.invoke(action, requestDataObject);

LOGGER.exiting(CLASSNAME, methodName);
return invocationServiceObject;


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