Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Solr Build index fails | would not provide error information | run solr direct

Last I encountered an error where running build-index from toolkit would give the following 2 lines but it wouldn't rebuild index and do nothing.
The program exiting with exit code: 0.
Data import process completed successfully with no errors.

If you need to directly run index on SOLR server: This is the command

To Monitor:

Once I ran directly on SOLR, full-import, it gave the errors.
In this particular case, it gave heap error and had to increase 512 MB to 1024 MB in WAS admin console.


  1. Build index completes with error code zero. But in reality , it doesnot build anyhting. The total rows fetched is at 2 and the core status is idle in the logs. The issue is intermittent and the next time the update index processs is just fine. ANy ideas on this pls ?

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